The Elephant

First off, a huge thank you to the uber-talented Ashleigh Olsen for allowing me permission to use an image of her charcoal drawing Big Five Elephant. You can check out her amazing work here.

So why did I want to have a picture of an elephant at the top of my nail blog in the first place? Well as you may have noticed, my nail blog is a bit different than others. While I hope that any fan of nail art might stop by and enjoy having a look around, I also hope that some fellow sufferer's of dermatillomania might fight encouragement here. (You can read more about this condition here, and about my personal story in my first blog post.)  

Elephants are obviously very strong and powerful animals, and because of this they have become a symbol of mental strength to many people and cultures. In addition, relative to many other mammals elephants live to an old age, and whether you're a person or a pachyderm, with age comes wisdom.

Mental strength is not inherent, it is acquired. A young elephant may run wild and destroy everything in it's path. With age and experience however, an elephant's power is focused wherever it wishes, destroying only the obstacles in it's way. It is this idea of transformation that really speaks to me. I feel like I am working towards becoming the best me I can be, truly gaining mental strength as I become more aware of my problems and work towards ending them. I know I am not at the end of my journey... but I think my life experiences and the insights I've had as I've gotten older are pushing me toward that wisdom that is not only so important in the process of transformation, but that is ultimately a result of it.

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