Sunday, August 3, 2014

Caribbean Dreams

Clearly I am missing Aruba big time... the warm, gentle, turquoise water and the sugary white sand... it was just so beautiful. Today I was inspired by the pretty palm trees of the Caribbean and decided to do a sunset background. 

Like many other folks have done, I chose a yellow to pink gradient for the sunset, and I have to admit I was heavily inspired by Pauline over at Blog en Beaute. Her sunset nails are super pretty and they were created with Ruby Wing's super cool color changing nail polish - god, I have to get me some of that! My nail polish doesn't change color but it gets the job done :) 

I used Sally Hansen Triple Shine Lemon Shark, Orly Va Va Voom, and a makeup sponge to do the gradient on top of a white base color. The gradient turned out pretty good on my left hand but it looks a little wonky on my right hand. Oh well, that's why Cindy doesn't get much screen time! ;) This is actually only the second gradient I've done so I don't feel too bad. (See my first here.) After a coat of American Classics Gelous to smooth out the gradient, I painted the palm tree and bird silhouettes with OPI Black Onyx. Then another coat of Gelous, topped off with some Seche Vite and I was ready to call it a day!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed this post! These are actually my first pics with my new camera. I've had it for a few weeks now but was having trouble figuring out how to properly focus when in macro mode. I think I figured it out now, so what do you think of these pics compared to my previous ones? Also, I decided to "embed" the pics in the post instead of just listing them all at the end. Do you like this better??


  1. I think your gradient looks great! These nails are perfect for summer :) I always like the embedding of pictures more then listing them at the end, but that's a personal preference :)

    1. Aw, thanks Robin! I am desperately clinging to these last few weeks of summer...I don't want it to end :)
      And I think I agree with you about the pictures; I'll probably be doing this from now on!