Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Ashleigh Joy

Today my first niece is one day old! She was born yesterday at 12:54am. We went to visit her at the hospital yesterday and she was soooo cute!!! Babies are so tiny I just can't stand it :)

In honor of sweet little Ashleigh Joy, I wanted to dedicate today's manicure to her. This is my go-to white, Orly White Tips, and Ulta Encore Pink. I did cute little feet on my left hand and a teddy bear on my right hand. Many thanks to Francesca from thesimplenail for her beautiful inspiration as well as Jocelyn at PolishPedia for her adorable teddy bears! I actually was really happy with how the bear turned out considering I painted it with my non-dominant hand. Practice makes perfect!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the pics!

A look at "Cindy" two posts in a row! :P


  1. Congratulations! These nails, like your niece, are super cute :) The footprints look perfect! And your Cinderella hand looks amazing too!

    1. Thanks Lucy :) My sister loved these and thought it was so sweet!