Saturday, July 26, 2014

A Slice of Paradise

Today's post is a bit of a departure from my typical post, because I didn't set up my "lightbox" and take pictures of this manicure. I did these on 7/16, the day before my husband and I left on our (belated) honeymoon to Aruba! I just didn't have the time to set up the camera and worry about a blog post, as I was too busy and excited doing last minute things to get ready for our trip.

In honor of the wild flamingos that roam Renaissance Island, I wanted to do a flamingo mani. At first I thought I might do a flamingo on each nail, but in the interest of time I decided to just do the accent nail. This is Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in Coral Reef. It was a great color to use for the flamingos. I also used a touch of Ulta Encore Pink for the beak and to draw in the wing, and of course some white and black polish. The picture of my nails was taken at Manchebo Beach; I would've loved to have a pic of the flamingo nails actually in front of the flamingos, but I knew we weren't headed to Renaissance Island until later in the week and I figured they'd be chipped and messed up by then. (And of course they were!) Nonetheless, I think you get the idea :)

Thanks for stopping by!

The wild flamingos at Renaissance Island!

The wild Panda enjoying some sun in it's natural habitat ;)

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