Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Lil Wayne

I'm a day off my normal posting schedule but don't worry, it's okay... I am making it up to you by channeling Lil Wayne with today's blingy look! This is an old bottle of Sally Hansen nail polish in a color called Liberated Lilac. I think it is supposed to have a silvery-violet look (hence the name) but really it just looks silvery-white to me. It goes on pretty sheer and is nice and streaky (does the sarcasm come across over the interwebs???) so I used three coats.
I've been wanting to try something with mega rhinestones for a while so I just went for it today. I think it looks okay. Next time I'd probably use a nude or a light pink cream instead of a frost as the base color. Also, I basically just blobbed on a ton of top coat to hopefully help this last a few days, but of course the topcoat is pooling around the rhinestones in an undesirable way. I know some people just glue the rhinestones down after they've put top coat on, but then I feel like they'd be a lot more likely to pop off... ahh, the struggles I face :P

Suggestions regarding usage of "mega rhinestones" would be much appreciated. Enjoy the pics below!

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