Sunday, June 1, 2014

Buzz Buzz

Greetings ladies :) For some reason today I was in the mood for yellow so I decided to go with a bee theme. I started this off with an under-color of white to make sure the yellow would pop. This is three coats of Sally Hansen Lemon Shark. (See my first look with Lemon Shark here.) I tried to use one of my new nail art brushes to do the lines showing the path of the bee, but I need to do some practice with those - it wasn't looking too good! So instead I went with the small end of my trusty old dotting tool. For the bee itself I did resort to using the nail art brush; I think it turned out okay. I wish the lines were smoother but I'll keep practicing! Also, I tried to let it dry as long as possible before putting my SV top coat on but the black still got a bit streaky. How do you avoid this???

Enjoy the pics!

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