Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Pretty Woman

Evening folks! So it was holding up pretty good but sadly my floral polka dot mani started chipping today :( Although I probably shouldn't have because it's gonna keep me up way later than I should be up, I decided to redo my nails. I took a bit of inspiration from the very talented Noemi (she does the best gradients!) and did my version of this beauty. I went with hot pink and gold instead of red and silver :) This is an Orly trifecta - Va Va Voom, Luxe, and Too Fab. I started with three coats of Va Va Voom (Yikes, I know! Does anyone else have this problem??? I tend to go with three coats when just two would probably be fine. But I digress...) After that dried pretty good I used some scotch tape to help me get nice straight lines of Luxe on the left side of each nail. Then I used a makeup sponge that I cut into a tiny sliver and dabbed some gold glitter from Too Fab on top of Luxe. A little SV to top it all off and I think I'm all set!

Oh yeh, and I wasn't sure what to title this post and the hubs said Pretty Woman so I went with that. Hope that doesn't mean he thinks these nails make me look like a hooker! :-o

Enjoy the pics!


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