Monday, May 26, 2014

Lovely Lace

I really want to work on my freehand skills so I tried something a little above my skill level today. It came out okay, not as nice as the original, but it's a good start. For this manicure I used Revlon Eclectic which I described the first time I used it.

Enjoy the pics!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Pretty Woman

Evening folks! So it was holding up pretty good but sadly my floral polka dot mani started chipping today :( Although I probably shouldn't have because it's gonna keep me up way later than I should be up, I decided to redo my nails. I took a bit of inspiration from the very talented Noemi (she does the best gradients!) and did my version of this beauty. I went with hot pink and gold instead of red and silver :) This is an Orly trifecta - Va Va Voom, Luxe, and Too Fab. I started with three coats of Va Va Voom (Yikes, I know! Does anyone else have this problem??? I tend to go with three coats when just two would probably be fine. But I digress...) After that dried pretty good I used some scotch tape to help me get nice straight lines of Luxe on the left side of each nail. Then I used a makeup sponge that I cut into a tiny sliver and dabbed some gold glitter from Too Fab on top of Luxe. A little SV to top it all off and I think I'm all set!

Oh yeh, and I wasn't sure what to title this post and the hubs said Pretty Woman so I went with that. Hope that doesn't mean he thinks these nails make me look like a hooker! :-o

Enjoy the pics!


Sunday, May 11, 2014

May Flowers

April had it's showers and here come the flowers! Today I did a dot/floral manicure and so far I am enjoying it... I'm not 100% lovin' the way the flowers came out - mostly the leaves actually - but overall I think it's good for my first attempt at multi-colored flowers. (Check out the single colored ones I did here and here.) I used Ulta Encore Pink on my thumb, middle finger, and pinky and for a little "bling bling" I put OPI DS Radiance on my pointer finger! I painted my ring finger white and then used Encore Pink and Encore Pink mixed with some OPI Flashbulb Fuchsia for the darker color. The leaves are a bit of Sally Hansen Kelp Out and China Glaze Paper Chasing. For some reason I did the leaves with the dotting tool which I think was a bad idea. Next time I'll use my small nail art brush.

My husband said this was his second favorite mani I've done. (Apparently nothing beats Andy Samberg and Laser Cats!) What do you think? :)

Enjoy the pics!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Short & Sweet

So these are the nails that I did yesterday. It was late in the day and I still had work to do before bedtime, so I kept it simple. This is three coats of China Glaze Pool Party and one coat of my new topcoat, INM Northern Lights! I was very excited to try Northern Lights for the first time after seeing it many times on Let them have Polish! Apparently Cristina is quite fond of it and I can see why :) My only problem is that it was hard to photograph; I feel like none of the pictures are in focus. Oh well... a new camera is on my shopping list so maybe that'll help!
Pool Party was a little hard to work with in terms of application and dried to a pretty matte finish which surprised me. It is crazy bright though and will look so nice in the summer with a tan. (If you can call my still very pale summer skin "tan"!)