Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Ready for Spring

This is so embarrassing! It has been exactly one month since my last post. I never intended to go so long between posts, but various things have conspired against me. First off, I've been having trouble keeping my nails at the length that I like; I keep having one break off at the corner and then I have to file them all so that they look even. Secondly, I have done manicures since March 16th but I just wasn't happy with the results and was too disappointed to take the time to take pictures and blog about it. I think this is truthfully the main reason that I've been MIA since March. I keep telling myself that I named this blog "Progress through Polish" for a reason, and that I should focus more on enjoying the journey - getting better at nail art and better about my picking - and not so much just on the end result. I just have a really hard time getting past that frustration of not liking my finished mani! Lastly, I definitely had a "relapse" with my picking. Last week, my thumbs and lips were probably looking the worst they've looked in a year. Very disappointing, and I don't even really know why I started up again so bad. Work has been stressful, but it pretty much always is. I was going to take some pics and do a post about my picking but I'm worried that it will alienate anyone who comes here to look at nail art. Most people would just think it's gross and wouldn't understand. Anywho... we'll have to continue with that one on some future post...

For this manicure, I used Revlon Eclectic. I picked up this pretty lady yesterday when I was at Wegmans and "accidentally" wandered down the makeup aisle. The Revlon nail polish was on sale for only $2.99 so I figured it was worth bringing her to a good home! This polish is a lovely mix/combo of mint and teal. It goes on really sheer and a bit streaky so you have to work with her, and I think three coats is a must, but it's definitely not so difficult as to make you not want to use it. (Was that double negative confusing? Sorry!) My ring finger got two coats of OPI DS Radiance and one coat of OPI Pirouette My Whistle. (I thought that would add a bit of nice sparkly glitter to the silver but it was barely noticeable.) The middle finger got some cute spring flowers courtesy of my dotting tool and I used the silver for the center of the flowers as well as a single dot near the cuticle on the remaining fingers.

Enjoy the pics :)

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