Sunday, March 2, 2014

Laser Cats!

Since I started this blog the hubs has been pretty supportive of my endeavors! He even helped me do the dots on my right hand one time. (Since I'm right handed and wasn't feeling too confident in my abilities to keep my left hand steady.) He came up with this idea of doing a "laser" manicure a while back, and every time I did something else he kept saying "You should do the lasers!". Somewhere between his description of what a laser manicure is, and various images I showed him from Pinterest, I ended up with this:

This is two base coats of Orly White Tips with one thick coat of Orly Royal Navy. I used striping tape on top of the white to create the "lasers" before putting on the blue. Royal Navy is a gorg shade of blue. It is a jelly, a little brighter than what I typically think of as royal blue, and definitely not a navy blue! It has some shimmery/sparkly aqua bits in it that really add to the beauty. I was surprised that it dried a bit dull, but with a bit of shiny top coat it's all good!

I titled this post laser cats because it's hard for me to say laser manicure without thinking about laser cats. Ya know, the digital short featuring Andy Samberg and Bill Hader and, ya know, laser cats??? Maybe next time I do a laser manicure I'll add an accent nail with a cat on it. Something cute like this, or maybe more appropriately something a little sneaky looking like this. :)

Oh yeh, and what do you think about my new shorties? I filed down my left hand a good bit after yesterday's post. They are still a tad longer than my right hand, but the difference between the two hands is not nearly as noticeable. Till next time!


  1. Your husband takes interest in your nails, that's amazing! He has good taste too -- I love this design :) Royal Navy is beautiful!

    1. Thanks Lucy! Yeh, I nabbed a good one :)
      I have definitely been enjoying Royal Navy - every time I look at my nails I think "So pretty!"