Sunday, March 16, 2014


First off - I felt so silly on Friday... for some reason when I did my last mani on 3/9 I was thinking that St. Patty's Day was 3/14. It wasn't until Friday that I realized St. Patty's Day is 3/17! Whoops :) Guess I was a little ahead of the game on that one.

Secondly - wow! That China Glaze Paper Chasing stained my nails something fierce!!! I had to post this pic because it is just too gross/funny! :P

Workin' on my new mani now....


  1. wow! they are so stained! I hope you can remove it quickly haha!

    1. I know - it's just awful! I probably should've tried a little harder to get rid of them before I slapped on the purple! I'm sure it's not good for it to "set in". Oh well :-)