Monday, February 17, 2014

Tape Mani (Squared)

After about a foot and a half of snow last Wednesday/Thursday, and corresponding school closings on Thursday and Friday, yesterday was my fourth consecutive day off work. Although you'll never catch me complaining, it does get a little challenging to find things to pass the time. Yesterday, I settled on a tape mani! This is the second tape mani I've done, and I definitely like the super clean lines it leaves. I use plain old Scotch tape and stick it on the back of my hand once or twice before putting it on the nail. That way it's not too sticky and doesn't pull off the base color when you take the tape off. I'm not sure if this style has a name but I'm just going to call it "the triangles mani".

The color is Revlon - Silhouette. It's from their Nail Art Expressionist line, which has two colors in one package. See.....
I really like the color combination I bought, and there are lots of other fun contrasting options. Basically each bottle comes with color 1 to use as the base color, and then color 2 which actually has a long skinny brush for nail art. I didn't even realize this when I bought it, but I think it's a great idea. I was able to get a very clean straight line when I made my swatch of this color and I might even dare to try free hand lines next time I use this color! *gasp* :P
The only negative thing I would say about this polish is that the package is a tad awkward. Because it's tall and skinny it doesn't stand up easily by itself, or more accurately I would say that it's easy to knock it over. I do my nails on my kitchen table with a towel on top, so especially on a soft surface it wouldn't stand up and I had to make a little contraption to keep it up straight! But whatever works, right?

Not to make this the longest post ever, but the title is Tape Mani (Squared), so I wanted to at least add the pictures from the other tape mani I did. This was actually the first one I did, last Sunday February 9th. It was kind of a labor of love because the base color took a while to dry and the first time I put the tape on, it ended up peeling up the base color when I took the tape off. So I had to redo that nail, and then when all was said and done the contrast between the two colors wasn't even that noticeable. It shows up in these pictures waaay more then it did in real life! The base color is OPI - Miami Beet and the diagonal on the tip is OPI - Bastille My Heart. Although it took way longer than I would have liked, it was good practice and ended up looking nice when all was said and done. :)

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