Friday, January 31, 2014

Wedding Day Memories :)

Greetings! So last night I redid my nails with a "textured matte polish". This is OPI Liquid Sand - Solitaire. I was a little unsure about whether or not I would like this polish, but I actually love it! Part of the reason is that it reminds me of the polish I used on my wedding day! Memories!!! *sigh* :)

I haven't mentioned the picking in the last few posts so I thought I should touch base on that a bit. I actually think I've been really, really good lately. Painting my nails and photographing them, working hard to grow them out and make them actually look good... it's been a pretty great motivator to leave my hands alone. And I've also been working hard to keep my hands nice and moisturized, and my cuticles nice and clean - that definitely helps keep me on track! That said, my hands aren't the only things I struggle with and I certainly haven't been perfect. Today in particular, for example, my lips are a little chapped so I keep on picking at them. Overall though, I do feel like I've been good! And that's what it's all about - progress! :)

So following up from my last post... as I continue in my photography journey I think I decided on "with flash". I did end up showing my hubs the last set of pics and he agreed. For this polish though, I wanted to do both because I think you can see the texture differently. First three are with flash, last two are no flash. Enjoy! 

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