Saturday, January 25, 2014

Copy Cat

Since I'm not very original, I like to copy things I see online! And because I follow a bunch of people and their nail boards on Pinterest, and I have a ton of things pinned on my own nail board, I have literally hundreds of things for inspiration. Somehow though I always end up with a case of "what have you done for me lately?" and I want to copy the most recent thing I've seen. Earlier this week these lovely ladies caught my eye, so I thought I'd take a stab at it. This is China Glaze Diva Bride (with OPI Black Onyx and OPI DS Radiance). I had to do three coats of Diva Bride because it's pretty sheer, but I think it turned out well! Granted, after my first attempt with the dots and hearts I had to redo the ring finger and pointer finger, but practice makes perfect. (Plus it could be a little bit of my OCD kickin' it - has to be juuust right, ya know?!) I went ahead and tried out some of Sarah's tips for lighting and photography that I mentioned in my previous post, so today I'm going a little overboard with the photos! I posed my hands on our upholstered linen chest in front of the window. I think my left hand is wonky though, or my middle finger is like extra long or something because I have a hard time getting my hands to look elegant! Like, it's hard to get all my nails lined up evenly. Hard to explain, but I think if you look at these compared to the pics from the real nail bloggers out there you would know what I mean. Hand positioning aside, I am pleased with myself and the quality of these photos! As you can see, the pics are essentially the same but everything on the left is no flash, everything on the right is with flash. Sarah suggested no flash, but I kinda feel like the ones with flash look better. I don't know... if I had readers I would take a poll but since I'm just talking to myself maybe I'll ask my husband what he thinks. :)


Oh yeh, and I didn't get a chance to post this one, but I figured I'd just put up the pics of the mani I did last weekend. This was Revlon Red and Orly Too Fab. Amazing what a difference camera and lighting make!


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